The Zone Laser Tag World Championships will be hosted by NEOCENTER (Belfort, France) in 2017 !


Welcome to the Neocenter, Belfort France, Host of the 2017 World Laser Tag Championships.
For the first time in France we will see 6 countries challenge for the Coveted Zone Laser Tag World Championship Trophy!



  • The First Zone Worlds Laser Tag Championships : USA
    were hosted in the United States. Ultrazone San Diego, California site hosted Worlds I from 2–7 August 2003.

1st – Ground Zero (U.S.)
2nd – Zonegods (U.S.)
3rd – BOC (U.S.)


  • The Second Zone World Laser Tag Championships : FIN
    were staged at Megazone in Tampere, Finland during 30 May – 4 June 2009, with teams including
    Australia, U.S., and the host country Finland.

1st – Legends (U.S.)
2nd – Finland 1 (Finland, EU)
3rd – Finland 4 (Finland, EU)


  • The Third Zone Worlds Laser Tag Championships : USA
    The 2011 Zone Lasertag World Championships, with players from USA, Australia, Sweden, Finland and New Zealand in attendance. This was to be the last of the “Late session, or midnight to dawn” championships.
    Lasertag was coming of age.

1st – God Pals (Finland, EU)
2nd – Identity Crisis (U.S.)
3rd – Coast to Coast (U.S.)


  • The Fourth Zone Worlds Laser Tag Championships : AUS
    A turning point for a World Championship.
    This event saw the competition grow and expand, with a professional film crew recording a documentary on the event, funded through Kickstarter. Teams now played over 6 days, with official training sessions and an event now hosted during full day and evening periods.
    Teams from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Finland and Sweden again challenged for
    the Zone Lasertag World Championship Trophy.
    Broadcasted over the ABC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation television network and local / National radio Stations, with players being interviewed and a film crew onsite the event was primed for an awesome week of competition.

1st – U.S. Legends
2nd – Australia Maroons
3rd – SFP, Finland, EU


Who will take the Main Trophy of the 2017 Zone Laser Tag World Championships ?


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